About Us

Ken Druckerman
Co-Founder / Co-President
Ken graduated from film school at NYU and began his career as a cinematographer, working his way up through the ranks while focusing primarily on documentary projects. Along the way, he was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with many of the best and the brightest storytellers in nonfiction. His credits include critically acclaimed documentary series such as Frontline (PBS), Boston 24/7 (ABC), The Residents (Discovery), the feature documentary Ghosts Of Attica, and many others.

When the reality television craze took hold, Ken allowed himself to be sucked right into the vortex. He parlayed his experience as a cameraman into new opportunities as a producer and director on reality shows of all shapes and sizes for networks such as A&E and Discovery. At the same time, he launched a production company that created documentaries, commercials, and promotional films for clients such as Chrysler, Procter & Gamble, and MTV. His ability to alternate between gritty documentary projects and glossy commercial work and to merge such disparate job descriptions and styles has proved to be invaluable in his work as an executive producer.

Ken enjoys finding and hiring smart people and taking credit for their great work. He also likes to write in the third person, on the off chance that it will disguise the fact that he is writing this very blurb himself.
Our Staff
Banks TarverCo-President
Ken DruckermanCo-President
Kevin VargasChief Operating Officer
Anneka JonesEVP, Development
Mike MezarosSVP, Post Production
Mary RobertsonVP/EP, Current Prod.
Pete RossVP, Unscripted Development
Frank KoughanWriter / Producer
Michael LaHaieExecutive Producer
John MarksExecutive Producer
Ted BourneExecutive Producer
Jeff CoopermanCo-Executive Producer
Geoff O'BrienCo-EP / Supervising Editor
Jeremy GouldDP / Technical Supervisor
Matthew LuhrmanProducer / Editor
Marlon SingletonEditor
Clint KenleySr. Director of Dev & Digital